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RHEDcloud Project Evolution

In Over 2019 and 2020 the RHEDcloud Software Foundation ( will recruit at least 20 institutional members and 50 individual members. The RHEDcloud project will have deployed its evaluation and demo platform in the cloud at for prospective users to sign-up, try the solution, and read through a quick-start guide to integrate the solution with their infrastructure and deploy it for their organization. The RHEDcloud project will have structured collaboration forums for cloud compliance and security requirements, and this group will perform security risk assessments and specify controls for new AWS services released in 2019many Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. The project will also have structured a collaboration forum to establish development priorities for all components of the service. The project will solicit SOWs from preferred vendors for all development priorities, select development projects for funding, and assess the institutional membership for costs to implement these development priorities. The project will launch its first marketing campaign.By the end of 2019, the RHEDcloud project will have initiated security risk assessment teams for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. The project will have a technical design for all classes of controls for Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, so they can move into 2020 implementing controls for all platforms.